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possible new game? - PuNkGirL - 01-26-2005

since they made ut2003 then ut2004. Will they be giong the route of EA games and making a ut every year, but only with a couple improvements? ie ut2005?

possible new game? - FuzzyShoting - 01-26-2005

look at this movie... unreal tournament 2005 looks pretty awesome from this
mms:// <-- copy link to windows media player

possible new game? - [CAKE]anonymity - 01-26-2005

The bottom line is they know they will have to put in enough improvements to make it worth 60 bucks. On the other hand, if they can do it, they can make a lot of money.

possible new game? - Power and Glory - 01-26-2005

Actually Fuzzy that game is called Unreal Championship 2 and it is for the Xbox. I guess that site saw the year at the end of the video and thought it was called UT2005. There is no Unreal Championship 2005 in the works. Right now the big thing are the mods for UT2004. Red Orchestra just won the long running mod contest they had.

They partnered with Midway to combine some Mortal Kombat characters in UC2. It has 1st person shooting but also 3rd person melee combat.

UT2003 came out in Oct 2002 while UT2004 did not come out until March of 2004. UT2004 was everything UT2003 was supposed to be but Epic screwed up a bit with 03 so they fixed and added what the community was asking. They also added some of their own stuff like Onslaught to make it a complete package. I don't think there would have been an 04 if they did everything right the first time.

possible new game? - Gwarsbane - 01-27-2005

Alot of my friends were complaining about UT2003 that it seemed to be missing alot of things.

Something that they were suppose to do was when you buy UT2004 you were going to get even that was in UT2003 also so that you could actually play on the UT2003 servers, but from what I understand they changed UT2004 too much and it was just incompatable without actually including UT2003 with it.

I have been watching the progression of the Unreal 3 engine and WOW does it look nice. Once its finished and released it will blow away anything we see now. That is as long as it has good physics.

Right now it has great graphics even though its gonna take a pretty heavy machine to do all the rendering.