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happy bday legend - fritokid - 05-20-2009

i feel so little Jason aka legend just turn 19 on may 17 happy late bday bub

happy bday legend - GRITS - 05-20-2009

legend? would this be scope?

happy bday legend - 8-up - 05-20-2009

Must be Scope...he's the only Jason I know with a May 17 birthday...and has KO characters named Legend

Happy birthday:smurf:

happy bday legend - =Scope= - 05-21-2009

Ye its scope i used legendbegins wen i played ko and thx

happy bday legend - GRITS - 05-21-2009

Happy Birthday
did you get anything good?

happy bday legend - =Scope= - 05-22-2009

Only really got bout 60 dallors cause parents cant give anything cause they just got divorced

happy bday legend - GRITS - 05-25-2009

sounds like you can get what you want with the $60 thats not so bad

Sorry about your folks divorce but I am sure things will be happier now, they are just doing what is best for everyone I'm sure