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my first footballgame - Gragoon - 09-15-2010

as some of you might already know I started playing american football this summer. I'm playing as a wide receiver for my town's team called "Bad Kreuznach Thunderbirds". Here are some pics of my first game which was taking place last sunday. I also made the "deciding" touchdowncatch for our 24:0 win! B)

btw I'm #7;)

my first footballgame - 8-up - 09-15-2010

It's nice to see you guys are starting to play some real sports:lol:

my first footballgame - Gragoon - 09-16-2010

actually american football is quite popular in germany ^_^the nfl europe was closed because there were almost only german teams in it. and they were rocking everyone else B)

my first footballgame - fritoman - 09-18-2010

looks like a good time, need to get a bigger crowd going tho, :P

my first footballgame - Gragoon - 09-19-2010

' Wrote:need to get a bigger crowd going tho, :P
haha true <_<we're really trying :rolleyes:

my first footballgame - Power and Glory - 10-20-2010

Very nice. Curious what is with the different colored helmets though?

my first footballgame - Gragoon - 10-25-2010

actually our helmets should be silver. the player with the golden helmet just bought that one und couldn't manage to paint it silver before the game. guess this explanation works for the other team as well. it's often kinda difficult to "realize" our uniforms on the field as every player has to buy the equipment on his own. the officials know that so they down really care for helmetcolors or the stockings as long as jersey and trousers are correct. we still got a lot of teething troubles over here haha :rolleyes: