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11-15-2004, 05:49 PM,
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UT2004 Patch 3339 Officially Released
Quote:It's here! Version 3339 has arrived, with a slew of new bugfixes. In addition, ECE version 1.1 has been released, for those who haven't downloaded it yet.
We have also have an updated version of the ECE bonuspack which replaces the current version. It is fully compatible with 3339. Users who install this patch after having already installed the old version of the bonuspack will not need to download this new bonuspack, which is intended only for fresh bonus pack installs.

The new patch weighs in at 12.9 MB, and you can grab it from any of the various mirrors found in either of these Atari/INA threads. They both contain slightly different mirror sets, so if you can't find a suitable mirror in one, try the other. Here they are:

Thread 1 (Complete with changelist)

Thread 2

Remember, this patch is completely compatible with the retail version - servers and clients of any flavor can connect with each other. This patch will not overwrite your ut2004.ini and user.ini files, except to update settings as necessary. This patch also includes all changes made in Patches 1, 2, 3, and 4. A few of the most notable changes include:

Tweaked powercore destruction and electricity sounds
Fixed Berserk combo (properly turns client side weapon changes on and off)
Various team-balancing improvements
Fix for clients unable to connect with "Incompatible Games Files" message
Fix for annoying server browser bug (not showing correct initial game type).
Fixed Unrealed working with Windows 98
If you plan on using UnrealED with Windows 98, you will need to download an install the MSVCP60.DLL library. This file can be downloaded here. Without this file, the editor will not run under Windows 98.
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