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02-23-2005, 10:15 PM,
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New patch version 3355

Quote:Epic Games has released a new official patch to UT2004, build 3355; it's completely compatible with the retail version and previous patches - servers and clients of any version can connect with eachother.

In addition, the patch won't overwrite your ut2004.ini and user.ini files (except to update particular settings.) However, please note that this patch should be installed after installing the Epic ECE Bonus Pack, as it updates some of the game code included with the ECE.

I think that many of you will love the new patch, as it fixes quite a few things that people have been wanting - except the damned flak/rockets no-damage bug. Anyhow, amongst the demo-recording fixes and addition of vCTF to the server browser, here's what's new:

**General Gameplay**

Fixed stuttering/snagging/sinking into static meshes in some places on clients in net games

Improved getting out of water

Fixed FaceClassic teleporter exploit

The Cicada hud indicators should now show up in all game modes.

Fixed SPMA causing damage at world origin.

Fixed not being able to exit raptor when it's on the ground

Fixed (for assault) the energy core always showing on the HUD even if it not the current objective (thanks AngelMapper)


Server performance improvements

Cheating detection improvements, with shorter time for master server ban detection Integration of UTAN bans with UT2004 master server. Admins can opt out by adding bIgnoreUTANBans=true to [IpDrv.MasterServerUplink]

Fixed potential garbage collection crash when changing levels during network games

Improved caching of server data for when you can't connect to the master server.

UTV updated (netspeed fix).

Better Client->Server->MS Error Messages

**Demo Recording**

Added code to insure StopDemo is executed before a map change or game exit

Remove 8x from the demo playback menu. The engine has problems with that speed.

Fixed bug in Demo Playback menu that caused the Play/Pause button to be out of sync

Added Demo playback jog keys to the console.

Left Cursor slows down playback (1/4x -> 1/2x)

Right cursor speeds ups playback (2x -> 4x)

Up/Down cursor resets to 1x

Disable by settings bDemoJogKeys=false in [XInterface.ExtendedConsole]


Improved level loading speed, especially on network clients

Fixed calling SetBase(NULL) on all attached actors when an actor is destroyed


Fix for importing static meshes


Model select page now properly selects the current character when you open it.

Korean localization updates.

VCTF now appears in server browser, even if you don't already have any VCTF maps installed.

Added code to sync the Stream (MP3) volume with normal music volume.

Epic doesn't have any official (public) mirrors up yet, but you can be sure they'll come soon. Until then, you can grab the patch from one of these two mirrors:

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